7/24/15 - beach slang / kendra warren & brian hill - the space (hamden ct)

Dear brian,

Anyone who says there isn't incredible local music happening in CT, isn't paying attention.  I was at "the space" last night in hamden CT and boy howdy was there some s*** going down. 

I arrived just in time to see Philadelphia based supergroup, "beach slang," performing their brand of high energy, hard-hitting punk rock. Lead singer James "jimmy" Alex's vocals are uniquely gravely and smooth. If you picture broken glass wrapped in velvet, you'll be on the right track.  These guys are intense.  It's no wonder why the general opinion of the music industry is that "beach slang" is headed for greatness. 

Across the parking lot, at the "the outer space," I had the opportunity to take in real live modern-day folk artists. "Kendra Warren," and "Brian Hill," were in the midst of a VW bus, nation-wide, busking tour.  Ryan Hill performs a kind of indie-folk reggae. He accompanies himself with building sound loops consisting of; drums, bass, and scatting, to name a few.  Now I know we've seen this a lot, but Brian Hill's looping skills are as good as they get. 

The second half of this solo-duet backing up each others songs, is kendra warren.  petite and  impregnably whispery, kendra's music hints at a depth of emotion we can all relate to. Her dreamy vocals reminded me how sea sirens could crash ships with their songs.  Luckily for me I wasn't captaining any boat, and was on dry ground.

It was a good time.  Hope you can join me next week.

In the meantime, if I see any cool shows I will be sure to let you know about it.

Contact me for additional / hi res photos taken from the show


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