8/13/15 - Sammy Blanchette & Casey Gorman at the Sitting Duck Tavern (Stratford, CT)

Dear Brian,

On the way home from The Flatliners show, I stopped at a local watering hole called "The Sitting Duck Tavern" in Stratford, CT.  I wasn't expecting much beyond a night cap, but I was blown away by Sammy Blanchette performing along side legendary Hubinger Street frontman, Casey Gorman.  Sammy can produce extended guitar jams that would make any fan of jam-band music happy as a shroomin deadhead with a jug of bathtub gin.  When he isn't ripping the guitar a new one, sammy and Casey are harmonizing and interacting with the audience like it's a family reunion. 

I managed to snap a few pics and record a bootleg of Sammy.  This guy is casual, fun, and proficient with his instrument.  I hope to catch him again soon.

Contact me for high quality pics.


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