8/13/15 - The Flatliners at THE SPACE (Hamden, CT)

Dear Brian,

I don't know about you but I thought my slam dancing days were behind me.  Chris Creswell and fellow band mates of "the flatliners," had other plans for me.  Although I was afraid I would have to activate my Life Alert necklace with the statement, "help, I've fallen in a mosh pit and I can't get up," and I didn't exactly do any windmills, I can certainly appreciate the aggressive expression and friendly violence. 

I caught The Flatliners at the space in Hamden Connecticut at the beginning of the Fat Wreck 25th Anniversary Tour.  This is a major North American tour with most of the dates headlined by fellow Fat Wreck Chords recording artist and multi-platinum selling hardcore puck rock band, "NOFX." (Side note, NOFX has sold almost 10 million records without a major label... That's badass for anyone who is keeping score.)

The Flatliners were performing songs of their most recent album, "division of spoils," which is a collection of B-Sides & Rarities and is totally awesome. The Flatliners have a way of keeping things alert and interesting.  From brief melodic guitar and vocal interludes, to sonic dynamiting.  The galloping drums seem to be mutually, and abusively intertwined with Tasmanian devil style bass, and fire bombed with furious guitars.  Simply put, these guys rock. 

The fans loved every moment of it.  Just about all were singing every inaudible word, dancing and generally going balls out wild. It was a blast.

Despite being somewhat tossed around by the enthralled audience, (check the video if you have doubts) I managed to grab a few great pics, and a solid bootleg audio.  I even snagged a decent video.  Take it all in and let me know what you think.  Catch you next week! -Eugene




Members: Chris Cresswell, Paul Ramirez, Jon Darbey, Scott Brigham

Record labels: Fat Wreck Chords, Union Label Group





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