8/17/2015 - Lyric Hall - Songwriters Workshop and Open Mic (New Haven, CT)

Dear Brian,

If you have never heard Lyric Hall in New Haven Connecticut or Adam Christoferson, listen up.

Lyric Hall is a restored vaudeville theater that is somewhat hidden in the Westville section of new haven, Connecticut.  Complete with a Beaux-arts crystal and bronze-gilt chandelier, and matching Doric columns framing the stage, Lyric Hall is home to many bloggable events.  Every Monday night, at the behest of musician, and humanitarian, Adam Christopherson, modern day vaudevillians decend upon the theater for a songwriters workshop and open mic.

Adam is the founder of Musical Intervention, a program offering individuals and groups of special needs to take part in the transformational power of creating original songs. Renectly he has taken his altruism to the New Haven music sceen with the help of the Awesome Foundation. 

In a music industry driven by ego, the almighty dollar, and insincerity as abundant as bands asking you to, "like" their Facebook page, Adam comes across genuine, and free of artifice.  From the impressionable youth learning a new instrument, to adults looking for a fresh start, Adams excitement in making a positive impact is contagious and providential.

The early portion of the evenings consist of a song writers circle.  Anyone interested in expressing themselves through music can learn invaluable techniques on how to do so.  Whether you need to lean how to hold a guitar, or help overcoming writers block, Adam has you covered.

The second half of the evening involves taking the stage and living the dream.  I was delighted to see performers that ran the gamut in styles and levels of experience.  Despite the impressive backdrop, this is as casual as open mics get.  From lyrics written on hands, to polished masterpieces, with support from audience and host, evey one in attendance has a blast. 

There were many highlights of the night, including the smooth vocal tones, and deeply felt emotion of Lamont Hiebert.

Abi Cristo was another memorable performer.  Abi is a powerful singer songwriter reminiscent of a developed artist well into her music career. In actuality, Abi is kind of just getting started and is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Ps. I was fortunate enough to snag a few moments on the stage myself, breaking in my monster pedal board and led bar.  I'll post a song so you can check it out.

I captured some great photos, and charming bootleg audio of Abi Cristo, Adam Christoferson, and me (Eugene Gallagher) hope you enjoy.

You need to get to CT asap To check this place out. Catch you next week.

Lyric Hall:

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