8/4/15 - union rail & little country giants at Cafe 9 ( New Haven, CT)

Dear Brain,

After taking in high energy punk rock at the space in Hamden ct, I decided to change pace this week and get in touch with my rural Americana side.  New Haven CT's "Cafe 9" hosted the bluegrass styling of "little country giants," and "union rail." This music gets in your head, and your heart.  At any point during the night i could have closed my eyes and imagined I was riding in a box car through the wild west, or heating up a can of bean somewhere on the Appalachian trail. 

Union Rail is an original band with influences ranging from Appalachian bluegrass to folk, country, blues and they're own pop mix of early American music.  The lead singers sleeve, chest, and tear drop tattoos provided an interesting juxtaposition to the genre stereotype.  The show stealer was the back up singer and guitarist.  His down played stage presence, and unique vocal tone was definitely a highlight.  Also, you would have loved the quirky, "service counter bell" and kazoo accompaniment provided by the bands fiddler.  I will be looking out for these Danbury base bluegrassers and hope to see them again real soon.

Next to take the stage was husband-and-wife duo Cameron Federal and Russell Cook.  Otherwise known as, "the little country giants." David Eduardo of Flagpole Magazine said they are "Unapologetically Appalachian and unashamed in sadness," and I'm here to tell you that is spot on.  Cameron is an indie southern bell who plays a giant stand up bass. Her quiet singing carries a presence that captivated anyone with in ear shot.  Also, since you haven't been to cafe 9 In years, I need to tell you how nice this place got. The dive bar vibe is all but gone.  It's like, CBGB'S meets a really nice steak restaurant.  If that makes sense.

Well take care.  I will write you next week.   Hopefully I'll have seen a cool show I can tell you about. - eugene

Ps.  Sorry for the low quality pics, I forgot my camera at home and had to use my cell phone.  I did however get a lot of great shots.  If you want them, let me know.  I will email them to you.

Little country giants:

Union rail:


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