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Dear Brian,

I've always been a huge fan of college radio.  Some of the very best bands are born from this medium and thrive on it.  So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to be a guest on WNHU (88.7 FM) CT ROCKS RAIDO with Bob D'Aprile.  This is an incredible local music show that broadcasts every Wed night from the University of New Haven, CT.  Bob opened his studio to me and James Murie last night too see what were are up to.

To fully grasp what this show is all about you need to understand who Bob D'Aprile is.  There are not enough Stars and Stripes to decorate this veteran of the CT music scene.  From gracing rock documentaries, to the liner notes of many local albums, there are few facets of local music that are not influenced by him.  Bob's energy and stamina for bringing attention to local music is remarkable. 

We had an entertaining chat about my original music and debuted my new EP, the chamber tapes part 1, in it's entirety.  Next, I poured my heart and soul into the studio mics during an on air performance of an original song called, Cabinet Killer.  Finally we discussed the local music blog i've been writing.  As you know, I have been chronicling local bands and sharing the bootleg recordings, pictures and videos.

After about an hour Bob kicked me out and introduced James Mauri to the greater New Haven listening audience.  James shared the studio with fellow band mates, Arnie Cuozzo, and Rich Rivers.  James is the epitome of a local rock star.  He has the hair, attitude, and the music to back it up.  After chatting it up with Bob on the topic his recent release, Phonographic, and upcoming shows and snagged a few minutes with the band.  It was refreshing to have a conversation with enterprising musicians that are making an impact.  I discovered when James's drummer, Arnie Cuozzo isn't crushing it on the skins, he is building customs drum sets for his company HMdrums.  I will absolutely be pursuing out a kit from them in the near future.

We wrapped things up with some off air tete-a-tete and fun pictures.  I got a really cool video of my song, Cabinet Killer and some nice pics.  Check it out below and enjoy.  Talk to you next week.

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