Dear Brian,

The Cluster Flies most recent EP entitled FIVE, is a masterfully produced recording of energetic, love-resenting indie rock.

This Philadelphian four piece rock group is about tight hooks, bomb blast drumming, and sweet heart ache.  And if your patient, you might even catch a few heroic guitar solos here and there.

The production on FIVE is rivaled only by the song writing craft of band members Keith Banquer, and Ryan Morrissey.  I would have enjoyed these 5 songs just as much on a solo acoustic guitar recorded in a bathroom.

Banquer's vocals are reminiscent of a young Thurston Moore and Fans of early sonic youth will find a kindred spirit here.

Although these songs are about lost love, the lyrics and delivery have just enough edge to keep it out of sappy territory.

The lyrical content explores some depth and creative prose at times. On the song "WAVES," Banquer sings, "Now I'm pulled out by the tide, Against the beach a thousand lights, As they push against the sky, Reaching for the night. Fading air and losing life, Now I finally have the time, Oh I know what I have done, And I've only just begun."

This is a recording I will definitely be listening to for a long time to come. - Eugene

The cluster flies:

Produced by Nathan Sage and The Cluster Flies
Engineered and Mixed by Nathan Sage
Mastered by Sun Room Mastering
Recorded at Whitehouse Studios in Shelton, Connecticut -
Artwork by Stealth Mode Arts & Designs

Niveo Records -


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